Mobi Garden

Zhejiang Mugaodi Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., one of the professional brands in China's outdoor industry, has been focusing on the research, design and sales of outdoor products since entering the outdoor industry in 2003. The design, excellent quality and popular brand concept have won the favor of the majority of outdoor enthusiasts.

In 2003, Mugao Di promoted the brand with “Mountain” as its logo. The products are mainly equipped with a full set of equipment for outdoor sports and camping, aiming to awaken people's awareness of walking into and close to nature.

In 2009, the Mugaodi brand officially launched the "Elk" logo as a new image of the brand's clothing, which brought a brand new look to the Mugaodi. Compared with the stationary "mountain", the running "elk" has injected another aspect of the outdoor spirit of Mugao Di: starting at the foot and returning to the heart.

In 2015, the documentary film entitled "Walkers-To Your Sahara", which was named by Mugao Di, has been aired one after another. Mu Gaodi has also signed He Rundong and Li Chun as spokespersons for the brand, injecting brand new vitality into Mu Gaodi.

Mobi Garden

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Tiang Canopy Mobi Garden NX20672042 2.3m
IDR 1.250.000 IDR 1.650.000