EX2 Women's Garden Round Hat 361261

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Anti Mosquito Protection 
- TEKNOLOGI Bahan Anti Nyamuk dan Serangga Terbang
- Tidak berbau dan aman bagi kulit
- Memakai bau alami dari bunga yang tidak disukai Nyamuk
- Tahan Dicuci biasa ataupun Dryclean (sampai 70 x dicuci)

Model: anti - mosquito quick - drying double - sided brim hat [female] 361261
SUPPLEX moisture absorption and quick-drying fabric, anti-mosquito protection; cap body UPF40 + treatment, anti-ultraviolet effect is excellent; double-sided hat-shaped, a hat with two styles; 
eaves hair braids easy to use long hair crowd ;

Size: 58cm

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